Online Marine Insurance

Since 2001 Atlas Insurances Ltd  has been successfully operating an online system for the issuing and maintenance of insurance for cargo shipped by sea or air.
This innovative system is one of the most sophisticated of those operated around the world. It allows insurance brokers, freight forwarders, importers and exporters working with Atlas to independently issue import/export certificates of insurance for themselves / their clients.
Based on the agreement entered into with each client, the system calculates the premium and immediately provides a certificate, giving all relevant details and conditions - including details of surveyor at destination, deductible, etc.
The system is very user-friendly; it is simple to operate and the entering of shipping details is quick and easy.

Advantages of the System
Quick and easy issuing of insurance certificates any time of day, even when the insurers' offices are closed.
No need to await receipt by mail or courier of the import/export insurance certificate.
Impressive capability of displaying cross sections of information respecting insurance issued via the system.
The system provides immediate monthly production reports at the end of each month and the report appears on your computer screen, ready to print.
The certificate issued can be emailed immediately and directly via the system to the assured, his customs agent and/or any other party.
Graphic display of the activity of yourself and your clients over a length of time.
The system is freely available for use to Atlas' clients and brokers and saves the need of maintaining a separate independent insurance program.

You are herewith invited to enter our demo system, to issue certificates and test its various possibilities.

Demo - Importers & Exporters System           Demo - Insurance Brokers & Freight Forwarders System

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